Process Level Transmitter

With best-in-class performance, modular construction, an advanced display and the best integration features,
SmartLine® Level Transmitters deliver total value across the entire plant lifecycle by helping users:

level_transmitter przetwornik poziomy Honeywell

  • Reduce engineering effort, project costs and startup time
  • Avoid unplanned downtime and application errors
  • Increase security against unauthorized access
  • Reduce spare parts inventory
  • Shorten time to repair.

SmartLine Level Transmitter offers:

  • A new validation tool to avoid costly errors upfront by validating the level transmitter against the process tank.
  • A joint, online collaborative engineering session with Honeywell level experts right at users’ desktop.
  • Modular design: Some modules are shared with SmartLine pressure and temperature transmitters, further reducing inventory and enhancing flexibility.
  • Rich, advanced display and local configuration capabilities: In addition to configuring with any handheld device using the new DTMs, users can configure the transmitters through externally accessible buttons, even in an intrinsically safe environment.
  • Integration with all control systems: This includes seamless integration with Experion® PKS that provides extended diagnostics, maintenance status display and transmitter messaging.

SmartLine Level Transmitter uses guided wave radar (GWR) technology and can measure the level of a wide range of liquid products on a large variety of installations within the stated pressure and temperature range. It can be deployed at blending tanks, distillation columns, process tanks, separators, solid silos (inventory) and storage tanks. It does not require calibration or commissioning upon installation, and can measure liquid interface with or without an air gap.

Additionally, the level meter can measure the level and interface simultaneously, and is capable of measuring media with a dielectric constant of 1.4 or greater. A variety of rigid and flexible probes allow measurement in silos and tanks up to 50 m (164 ft) high.