Automation Control and Measurement SENSOR-ACM offers innovate solutions in the field of Industrial Automation in cooperation with the market leads – Honeywell.

SENSOR-ACM has been founded 1993. From 2000 we specialize in Gas&Oil market. That time we started working with ENRAF in Poland. Over the year we were trying to complete portfolio for terminals and refineries and built position on the market. So far we equipped more than 50 terminals, 3 refineries and some power plants with our equipment. There are in total more than 1.000 tanks with ENRAF equipment provided by us. It gave us very good position to promote other products and solution dedicated for Gas&Oil market.

We specialize in increasing the efficiency and safety for storage tanks and terminals operation. SENSOR-ACM is a leader on the Polish market in the Tanks Gauging Systems and high accuracy legal measurements. We can provide complete solutions for terminals including advanced software and control system.

Since 20 years, the company focuses on high reliability and quality of our services and products.
We are a partner and distributor of many well-known companies, such as: Honeywell, Agar Corporation, Alma&Carbovac, Saval.

From 2013 range of operation SENSOR-ACM has expanded to the exclusive distribution of Honeywell Field Products equipment in Poland. In our offer are also Temperature Transmitters & Sensors, Pressure Transmitters, Process Level Sensors, Panel Mounted Controllers, Programmers and Thyristors, Paperless Recorders, OneWireless solutions, Flowmeters, Control systems, and much more. More information about our offer: Honeywell Field Products .

For storage tanks SENSOR-ACM offers:

• Hi Accuracy Measurements systems with SIL2/3 certificate
• Loading installation
• Automatic dewatering systems
• Grounding and lightning protection equipment
• Fire Detection and Extinguishing Systems
• Portable devices for measuring the level & temperature and portable samplers
• Composite Floating roofs GRP
• Seals and grounding systems for floating roof tanks
• Lightweight and modern aluminum domes
• Terminal Automation System TM

For pipelines SENSOR-ACM offers:

• Flowmeters
• Flow Computers
• Interface product detection in the multi-product pipelines
• Measurement of the water content in refined products
• Measuring the concentration of hydrocarbons in water
• Product quality measurement (color and turbidity of the product)
• Automatic sampling systems
• Provers
• Pipeline Management systems (Product Movements and Blending)

For loading/unloading installation SENSOR-ACM provide the following solutions:

• Hi Accuracy measurement and control systems for loading/unloading trucks and railways
• Safety and security systems
• Additive and blending systems for fuels and Bio-Fuels
• Terminal management systems (Terminal Manager)
• Flowmeters and valves
• Sampling systems for pipelines
• Grounding system

In addition to standard applications in refineries and storage terminals, SENSOR-ACM also offer a certified hi accuracy measurement systems designed for Energy, Steam and Heat Industry.