Foam and spray system


foam systems for floating roof Foam equipment for floating roof storage tanks

Foam systmes

  • Wherever the effective control and suppression of hydrocarbon fires is required, SK FireSafety Group delivers all types of specialist foam based solutions.
  • Low expansion systems are typically used to protect storage tanks, helidecks and marine loading terminals whilst medium expansion systems are mainly used for vapour suppression and transformer protection.
  • High expansion systems are favoured for their ability to fill large voids quickly and to control LNG spills.
  • Whatever the end of line foam discharge equipment, no system is complete without a reliable means of making the foam and delivering it to the risk area.

Saval’s fixed foam discharge assemblies are purpose designed and manufactured according the highest standards. Special attention is given to the solidity of the equipment in order to withstand the bad environmental conditions on top of a floating roof tank. In order to cope with the requirement for low foam losses due to heavy wind conditions, the design is based on high velocity foam outlet nozzles which project the expanded foam directly to the inside of the tank wall some distance from the top of the wall.

Water spray Systems

Water is the most widely available and cost effective extinguishing medium for most classes of fire.

  • The application of water spray/deluge onto storage tanks & vessels and structural steel provides effective cooling of exposed surfaces. Equally, water curtains can be created to protect process plant and to mitigate hazardous gas cloud formations whilst also providing safe escape routes for personnel protection.
  • A key aspect of any water spray system is the deluge valve together with its instrumentation and control. These valves are available in a variety of sizes, materials and configurations to suit all applications. Often the valve sets are skid mounted incorporating all isolation valves, instruments and piping.
  • The most widely recognised international code for these systems is NFPA 15 but we also utilise the relevant sections of BS 5306 & IP19 – together with any specific requirements of individual Oil Company Standards.

Saval’s fixed water spray cooling systems are often found in the (petro)chemical industry and at the storage, transfer and processing facilities of flammable liquids, liquid natural gas and petroleum gases.  Water spray is one of the most powerful cooling media for protection of oil and petrochemical plants, LNG and LPG plants and tank farms. For an optimum performance of the system the design, construction and commissioning of the system shall meet the highest quality and reliability standards.