Floating roof seal


The SealMaster® floating roof seal system was developed over 25 years ago with the goal of making a seal that adjusts to the irregularities of tanks while remaining gas tight and virtually maintenance free.

Key user benefits:

  • Best available technology for emissions and product loss reduction — designed with guidance from API 650  appendix H, and EEMUA 159 standards working range of R(-X/+3X), highest BREF scoring and best Kra loss factor per EPA chapter 42
  • Designed to remain in contact with the tank at all times, regardless of structural or environmental changes — the R(-X/+3X) design working range feature is an innovation. Under all circumstances the SealMaster® rim seal will stay in contact to the tank shell
  • Flame Retardant — supplied with flame retardant membranes, the applied PTFE (Teflon®) fabric has been fire tested under guidance from DIN 22100/22188
  • Complete product compatibility — all construction materials are selected to be compatible with the stored product
  • Worry-free operation — centers the floating roof and dampens horizontal roof movement so the floating roof will not be blocked and the rim seal does not get squeezed in between the floating roof and the tank shell.

Key design features:

  • Materials are product and UV resistant
  • Sliding parts in contact with the tank shell are wear resistant
  • Centers the floating roof
  • Effectively dampens horizontal movement of the floating roof
  • Has an adequate working range to handle all potential tank irregularities R (-X/+3X)
  • Flame retardant
  • Prevents ingress of rain water
  • Secondary seal has a very low profile, allowing more filling capacity
  • Gas-tight certification available
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