Fire detection and extinguishing system



CFI rim seal fire protection for floating roof tanks

  • Day and night supervision and protection against fire
  • Fast fire suppression
  • Fast warning in case of fire
  • Low cost and simple construction without any moving control parts
  • Fully reliable
  • Easy maintenance
  • VdS system approval

The Saval CFI™ system for protection of rim seals on floating roof tanks is a fully prefabricated system and requires limited manpower for installation on the tank roof.  Each storage tank has one or more independent systems (called sections), depending on the size of the tank. Each section consists of a circular pipe of a determined maximum length which is installed in the rim seal area between the tank shell and the roof and which is connected to a storage vessel containing the clean agent CF3I (a liquefied fire extinguishing agent, super pressurised with nitrogen). Glass bulb activated sprayers made of corrosion resistant materials and platings are located at intervals along the pipe. The distribution pipe is permanently connected to and pressurised by the storage vessel. The storage vessel is designed to exact specifications and is externally treated with a high quality protective coating. Each storage vessel is provided with a contents level switch and a pressure switch. These switches are connected to intrinsically safe supervising loops in order to comply with the international explosion safety rules. When the level switch or the pressure switch is activated, a ‘trouble’ alarm will be given, When both switches are activated simultaneously this will create a “fire” alarm. These signals will be transferred to a central post. In case of a fire its heat causes one or more sprayers to open, thus delivering the extinguishing agent directly into the fire area. “The fire is extinguished even before it is spotted”. The combination of simple design and continuous supervision makes the Saval CFI system the key to real safety in floating roof tank storage facilities.