Aluminium dome


Geodesic Dome features a clear-span, all-aluminum, lightweight, corrosion-resistant structure which sets a new standard for performance in aluminum geodesic domes.

kopuła aluminiowa

Geodesic Dome’s advanced technology provides excellent benefits. Here’s how:

  • Most effective leak-protection solution — Engineered for maximum weather-tightness for both new tanks and retrofits
  • Low maintenance cost — Aluminum alloys are corrosion resistant and don’t require painting like steel fixed roofs
  • Emissions reduction — reduces wind-induced vapor loss, aids in odor control and provides significant emission credits; for light products such as gasoline, a dome installed over an EFR can cut emissions by over 90%
  • In-service installation — Can be erected on the ground beside the tank or on an EFR and lifted into place
  • Custom engineered — To accommodate a wide range of spans and loading conditions

Key design features:

  • Double-web beam design for excellent torsional strength and stiffness
  • Batten bar completely covers gasket to prevent environmental degradation
  • Overlapping panels ensure additional protection against weather
  • Hub designed with three levels of sealing to ensure maximum leak protection
  • Hub can be easily removed for inspection or adjustment of IFR support chains
  • Options for fixed or sliding rim connections
  • Can easily handle the weight of suspended aluminum internal floating roofs
  • Industry-leading 3D design software for maximum accuracy and shorter design time