Loading and unloading system

The MSC-L controls up to six loading arms simultaneously for precise, safe and reliable loading and transfer of high value product at road loading, rail, and marine terminals, as well as tank farms. Custody transfer approved and suitable for hazardous areas, it brings Fusion4’s unique, intuitive user-experience to the loading operation:

  • Rail Loading
  • Aviation Refuelling
  • Storage Transfers
  • Marine Bunkering
  • Pipeline Transfers
  • Transport Bunkering
  • Mining Regent Dosing

The MSC-L uses a smart, “app-driven” interface to leverage users’ familiarity with smart phones and tablet computer technology. Self-explanatory graphical on-screen icons make it uniquely intuitive to operate, drastically cutting training times and human error. Users benefit from complete visibility and control of all major functions in the field with little or no training. Tanker drivers can quickly and simply input and control their loading requirements. Real time dynamic displays with status bar guidance and transfer progress status indicators provide at-a-glance monitoring of all loading operations. Control for up to 24 meter streams simultaneously helps you do more with less. A modular design allows common building blocks to be added to meet basic or sophisticated operational requirements for a cost effective solution. In addition, the integrated additive and blend capability allows the free configurability of meter inputs to be assigned as blend streams or additive streams, in either single pulse or dual pulse configuration, as the user sees fit, for the most comprehensive solution inthe industry.

Typical MSC-XL6 arrangement

  • 6 dual pulse load arms with temp comp
  • 6 single pulse blend streams with temp comp
  • 6 additive injectors

Full Featured:

  • Full color screen and keyboard: Intuitive monitoring and control using the Fusion4 interface.
  • Rapid start-up: In under a minute with the Calibration Wizard and quick configuration.
  • Zero-downtime: Firmware upgrades live in the field with the LAD.
  • Configurable, expandable I/O: For flexible operations.
  • Advanced alarm handling: Monitor nearly twice as many control parameters as any other device.
  • Real-time diagnostics: Live stream, I/O type, and system diagnostics.
  • Multiple language support: English (US), English (UK), Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, German, Polish, Swedish, Thai, Russian and Hindi.
msc-l multistream controller schemat