SLG 700 SmartLine Guided-Wave Radar

Part of the SmartLine® family of products, and based on extensive Honeywell Enraf radar experience, the SLG 700 series level transmitters feature high performance guided wave radar level technology. They provide high accuracy, stability, and applicability suitable for a variety of level and interface applications. SmartLine SLG 700 level transmitters are ideally suited for your demanding process tank level needs. The SmartLine Level transmitter features the same powerful features as the other transmitters in the SmartLine family including modular design, polarity insensitivity, transmitter messaging, tamper notification, and integration with Experion® PKS thus providing the highest level of compatibility assurance and integration capabilities. A new SmartLine Application and Validation Tool provides a new level of user experience and increases engineering productivity.

Best in Class Features:

  • Two-wire, loop-powered 4-20 mA transmitter
  • Accuracy ±3 mm or +0.03% of measured distance whichever is greater
  • Repeatability ±1 mm
  • Integral dual seal design for safety based on ANSI/NFPA 70-202 and ANSI/ISA 12.27.01
  • Process Temperature range: -60 to 450 C
  • Process Pressure range: -1 to 400 bar
  • Wetted parts include SS316L or Hastelloy-C (C-276)
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Advanced local display and local push buttons (optional)
  • Polarity insensitive electrical connections
  • Comprehensive on-board diagnostic capabilities o Full compliance to SIL 2/3 requirements (option)
  • Modular design
  • Dual compartment design
  • 3 m remote mount housing (optional)

  • SLN 700 SmartLine Non-Contact Radar

    The SmartLine 80 GHz Non-Contact Radar Level transmitter utilizes Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) technology which has greater sensitivity and accuracy for level measuring applications.

    Best in Class Features:

    • 80 GHz FMCW technology
    • Narrow beam, small blind zone & accurate measurement
    • Immunity to temperature, pressure, most obstacles and dust
    • False echo suppression option
    • Easy setup, no dielectric constant dependence
    • Small antenna size fits most process: easy to install
    • High resolution: better accuracy and process detail
    • Measuring range: up to 30 m (liquids) / 120 m (solids)
    • Accuracy ±2 mm
    • Process Temperature range: -40 to 200 °C
    • Process Pressure range: -1 to 25 bar
    • Operating voltage: 12 to 30 V DC
    • Output signal: 4 – 20 mA & HART®